• Frigo Panel

    Frigo Panel

    The solution for Industrial refrigeration is arkhon Frigo panels. Our specially designed geometry system joint and the diversity in thicknesses from 20mm up to 200mm offer the best performance in each use. Arkhon Frigo panels provide reliable insulation conditions from +60oC-50oC.

  • Horizon Panel

    Horizon Panel

    Thermally insulating polyurethane panels, with hidden joints and ability to be mounted both vertically and horizontally. Smart hidden joints with double locks, ensure continuous watertight surfaces with unique thermal and sound insulation.

  • Sky Panel

    Sky Panel

    Arkhon's thermally insulating polyurethane panel, Sky, is the best solution for cost effective constructions with spectacular aesthetics.

  • Purlings


    High strengh zinc-coated steel Z & C purlins. The most important part for an efficient, lightweight and secure construction.

  • Roman Tiles

    Roman Tiles

    The constant R&D of Arkhon, has evolved roman tiles to bring your building's eco friendliness to the next level, without sacrificing aesthetics.



See a short video about our new unique technology of buildings with Arkhon materials

Our Competitive Advantage

If you are wondering why you should choose Arkhon for your next project or why our products are known as the best polyurethane panels in europe, the answer is simple. We have invested not only in the best technologies and manufacturing procedures, but also in the best possible customer support.


We are dedicated to our clients and their needs. Arkhon is always striving to offer the best quality materials at very affordable prices, without compromizing quality. We believe that if our clients are happy with our services as a whole we will succeed. Our growth shows just that. Thank you.


We have tried to build the best team in our company so that we can offer a great variety of services and give you help from the best. We train our personnel very thoroughly in order to have all the latest knowledge in the industry. Thats one of the reasons why so many professionals reach to us for help in using our products in big and complicated projects.


Arkhon is constantly investing in innovation. Our research & development team is always at work, improving our products and finding new ways to best serve your needs. This department is behind breakthrough technologies such as PIR panels which are non-flammable, something that common panels are very prone to destruction by fire. In a competitive market, the ability of our R&D division to innovate is something worth investing in.

Making our world better

One of the main reasons our products are used so extensively is their ability to save power and make construction and buildings “green” by conserving energy. As a result we also help people and businesses cut down their energy costs and their carbon footprint. This is something that we are very proud of, because we help in making the world a better place for the next generations. We are deeply committed to this.

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