• Frigo Panel
    Frigo Panel

    The solution for Industrial refrigeration is arkhon Frigo panels. Our specially designed geometry system joint and the diversity in thicknesses from 20mm up to 200mm offer the best performance in each use. Arkhon Frigo panels provide reliable insulation conditions from +60oC-50oC.

  • Horizon Panel
    Horizon Panel

    Thermally insulating polyurethane panels, with hidden joints and ability to be mounted both vertically and horizontally. Smart hidden joints with double locks, ensure continuous watertight surfaces with unique thermal and sound insulation.

  • Sky Panel
    Sky Panel

    Arkhon's thermally insulating polyurethane panel, Sky, is the best solution for cost effective constructions with spectacular aesthetics.

  • Purlings

    High strengh zinc-coated steel Z & C purlins. The most important part for an efficient, lightweight and secure construction.

  • Roman Tiles
    Roman Tiles

    Supreme Arkhon technology, has evolved roman tiles to bring your building's eco friendliness to the next level, without sacrificing aesthetics.

Technical Support for Arkhon Frigo

Arkhon offers complete technical and consulting services in order to help engineers and architects to take full advantage of our polyurethane panels properties.
Our well trained personnel in the R&D department of Arkhon, is ready to aid you with any technical information you might need with construction and build details, AutoCAD files (DWG, PDF, CD-ROM) but also with practical experience. Our information is always available through our website, e-mail and Fax. If you have additional information you can also contact us by phone.

Please view this image from a bigger screen for detailed information on joints, flashings etc
Please view this image from a bigger screen for detailed information on joints, flashings etc


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