• Frigo Panel

    Frigo Panel

    The solution for Industrial refrigeration is arkhon Frigo panels. Our specially designed geometry system joint and the diversity in thicknesses from 20mm up to 200mm offer the best performance in each use. Arkhon Frigo panels provide reliable insulation conditions from +60oC-50oC.

  • Horizon Panel

    Horizon Panel

    Thermally insulating polyurethane panels, with hidden joints and ability to be mounted both vertically and horizontally. Smart hidden joints with double locks, ensure continuous watertight surfaces with unique thermal and sound insulation.

  • Sky Panel

    Sky Panel

    Arkhon's thermally insulating polyurethane panel, Sky, is the best solution for cost effective constructions with spectacular aesthetics.

  • Purlings


    High strengh zinc-coated steel Z & C purlins. The most important part for an efficient, lightweight and secure construction.

  • Roman Tiles

    Roman Tiles

    The constant R&D of Arkhon, has evolved roman tiles to bring your building's eco friendliness to the next level, without sacrificing aesthetics.

Sky Panel

Sky Polyurethane Panel

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General Description

Cold Room Image - Arkhon Industrial Cooling

The Polyurethane insulated arkhon sky panel is an excellent solution at low cost with unique aesthetics. The unique in greek market available from 20mm to 100mm in 7 different thicknesses in order to cover every need of building roofs.

Product Applications

The arkhon sky design facilitates the installation of photovoltaic panels on them as well as the thin pv film pre-installation before the final placement.

The arkhon sky can be used as a thermo insulating tile roof basis when speed and high quality insulation are required. The resistance to large spans, the small slope of the roof and the internal wood texture, makes it ideal.

Geometry & Weight of Arkhon Sky

Arkhon Sky 3

Polyurethane panel thickness (mm)203040506080100
Total panel height (mm)5868788898118138
Weight kg/m2 (steel 0.50mm)9.6010.0110.3910.7911.1911.9912.79

Arkhon Sky 5

Polyurethane panel thickness (mm)203040506080100
Total panel height (mm)5868788898118138
Weight kg/m2 (steel 0.50mm)10.1710.5610.8911.2911.6912.4913.35

Maximum scale tolerance

Length (ISO 2796)L ≤ 3m ±2mm
L > 3m ±2mm
Width (ISO 2796)±2mm
Thickness (ISO 2796)D ≤ 100mm ±2%
D ≥ 100mm ±2%

Polyurethane Properties

Density (ISO 845)40-42 Kg/m3
Closed cells percentage98%

Available Lenghts

We can offer polyurethane panels lenght of up to 15 meters due to shipping restrictions, if you need bigger lengths please contact us.

Cross Sections – Profiles

Arkhon Sky is available in two different shapes for roofs depending on the required service load (eg: snow)

Flashings for Arkhon Sky applications

For proper application of Sky polyurethane panels, certain special parts are required in order for the final project to be totally insulated. These parts also ensure the good visual results of every building that is made by Arkhon Panels.

Arkhon Sky joint type

The dynamic of proper joint.

Regardless of the type of project designed with arkhon Sky panels, there will always be a corresponding panel for specific requirements, whether they are expected to result in the aesthetics of the building or the high thermal insulation.

In arkhon’s full technical guide there are charts that refer to thermal insulation properties of arkhon Sky panels when installed by professionals. The competence to insulation without discontinuities is based on the specially researched and designed joint of panels.

New design with a recess in the latch

  1. Prevention of capillary action and rust on the link
  2. Silicone is not required in the joint
  3. Water-resistant
  4. U-Value factor
  5. Without thermal bridges or gaps, no risk of crystallization
  6. Uninterrupted insulation
  7. Roof slope from 4o
  8. Special color coatings for minimum need of maintenance

Energy Efficiency Data of Arkhon Sky Panel

Our Arkhon Sky Polyurethane panels are manufactured according to European Union Standards ΕΝ 14509 (CEN/TC128/SC110).

Thermal Transmittance Properties

Thermal Transmittance properties of Arkhon Panels were calculated using tabular data from ΕΝ 13165 standard.
Note: Thermal conductivity with theoretical maximum of λ = 0,022 W/(mk).

Thermal Transmittance

Thickness (mm)RUK
201.004 m2K/W0.813 W/m2K0.752 K/m2
301.397 m2K/W0.713 W/m2K0.616 K/m2
401.790 m2K/W0.557 W/m2K0.480 K/m2
502.138 m2K/W0.465 W/m2K0.402 K/m2
602.658 m2K/W0.375 W/m2K0.323 K/m2
803.690 m2K/W0.270 W/m2K0.233 K/m2
1004.328 m2K/W0.230 W/m2K0.198 K/m2

Panel Surfaces

Technical characteristics of steel (ΕΝ 10169-1/03 – ΕΝ 10142/00 – ΕΝ 10147/00 & ΕΝ10142/00)

QualitySteel DX51D or S320
Thickness0.30mm – 1.00mm
Coating(Z) Zing or (AZ) Galvalume or (ZM) Magnelis
Tensile strengthEN 10142/00

Coating Characteristics

  1. Organic Polyester Paint EN 1069-2/99. Paint thickness up to 25/5 mic.
  2. PVDF Organic Paint. Paint thickness 25-50mic.
  3. Galvanized Steel with PVC coating. Lamination thickness 120 mic*.

*Suitable for sanitary clean rooms. PVC is available in RAL9002 color.

Additional Surfaces

Upon request we can meet special demands for extreme or unusual environmnets, such as farm houses, sea salt processing factories, acidic environments etc

We can offer:

  • Stainless steel
  • Aluminum
  • Copper
  • Alupaper
  • Craft Paper
  • Embossed Alufoil
  • Agricultural Fiberglass

For special surfaces, please contact us directly.

Panel Coatings

Typical coatings of the panel’s facings

ARKHON Panel offers a wide variety of choices for the coating of the panel’s facings. The two main parameters for the clients to decide are:

  • Zinc coating weight / thickness
  • Colour painting type & thickness

The combination of these two parameters affect highly the behavior of the steel in several environments, in terms of corrosion and UV resistance.

The substrate of the panel’s facings is usually galvanized steel, which consists of a steel substrate with a metallic zinc coating applied by means of a continuous hot dip galvanizing process. Hot dip galvanized steels offer excellent corrosion resistance combined with very good forming properties. The coating process can apply a wide variety of zinc thicknesses, from 80 g/m2 to 725 g/m2 according to EN 10346. The table below presents the correspondence between coating weight and coating thickness.

Designation EN 10346Coating weight – double sided (g/m2)Coating thickness (μm per side)

ARKHON can provide a wide range of zinc coating weights, the most typical being Z140.

The choice of the paint system depends on the environmental conditions to which the product will be exposed, the required technical properties and its intended end use. ARKHON’s coated steel products for outdoor and indoor building applications are available in a rich diversity of standard colors from the RAL palette, and surface appearances (smooth, grained, mat, textured, embossed, etc.). Though, each product has its own specific properties and applications. The appropriate choice is therefore crucial and should be made in collaboration with ARKHON’s technical and sales team, but remains sole responsibility of the client. ARKHON’s coatings meet all requirements in terms of appearance and aesthetic quality and properties such as flexibility, surface hardness, coating adhesion, corrosion and UV resistance, etc. ARKHON’s coatings are environmentally friendly, highly aesthetical and with consistent product quality.

The typical options are:
  • Organic Polyester Paint according to EN 10169 with a nominal paint thickness of 25 μm. This paint has 5 microns primer + 20 microns top coat on the front side and 7 microns backing coat on the back.
  • This option is the basic and typical option for indoor and outdoor surfaces of buildings and general industry markets without specific needs for protection against any form of harsh environment.
  • PVDF polyvinylidene coating according to EN 10169 with a range of paint thickness between 25 μm – 50 μm. This paint has 5 or 15 microns primer and 7 microns backing coat on the back. See the typically available RAL colours below.
  • On the contrary to option 1, this option provides enhanced protection of buildings exposed to harsh environments where good coating stability is required.
  • For the above mentioned options 1 & 2 the typically available RAL colours are presented below. Please contact us in case you have an enquiry which requires another RAL color which is not included in the list.
Roof Panels – SKYWall Panels – Horizon
  • Galvanized Steel with PVC (Rigid polyvinylchloride) coating. The PVC lamination thickness varies between 100-120 μm. This option is suitable for sanitary clean rooms. PVC is available in RAL9002 color.

Types of atmosphere (EN 10169, ANNEX C)

C.1 Rular atmosphere

The atmosphere prevailing in rural areas and small towns, without significant contamination by corrosive agents such as sulphur dioxide and/or chlorides.

C.2 Urban atmosphere

The contaminated atmosphere prevailing in densely populated areas without significant industry. It has moderate concentrations of pollutants such as sulphur dioxide and/or chlorides.

C.3 Industrial atmosphere

The atmosphere contaminated by corrosive pollutants from local and regional industry (mainly Sulphur dioxide).

C.4 Marine atmosphere

The atmosphere over and near the sea. A marine atmosphere will extend along a certain distance inland, depending on topography and prevailing wind direction. It has a high content of sea-salt aerosols (mainly chlorides).

  • Low salinity is typical of areas located between 10 km and 20 km from the seashore.
  • Moderate salinity is typical of areas located between 3 km and 10 km from the seashore.
  • High salinity is typical of areas located from the seashore to 3 km inland.

A distinction should be made between seashore and seafront. Seafront is defined as the place which is submitted to direct attack by seawater and sea-salt aerosols.

C.5 Industrial and marine atmosphere

Atmosphere which combines C.3 and C.4 conditions.
In a given type of atmospheric environment, various corrosivity categories can be registered depending on the location, i.e:

  • open air: both climatic influences and corrosive agents can act on metallic materials,
  • under shelter: except rain, sunlight irradiation and solar gain, other climatic influences and corrosive agents can act on metallic materials.

Choosing the right coating type

Based on the types of atmosphere in the area of the installation of the panels, it is crucial to choose the correct combination of the zinc coating weight and the paint thickness that will provide the necessary characteristics in terms of corrosion protection and corrosion resistance, to avoid any gradual or harsh change in its behavior and/or appearance.

Example 1: A galvanized steel with coating weight 225 g/m2 combined with an organic polyester paint of 25 μm thickness, results in the category RC3 in terms of corrosion resistance.
Example 2: A galvanized steel with coating weight 225 g/m2 combined with an organic polyester paint of 35 μm thickness, results in the category RC4 in terms of corrosion resistance.
Example 3: A galvanized steel with coating weight 225 g/m2 combined with a PVDF paint of 25 μm thickness, results in the category RC3 in terms of corrosion resistance.
Example 4: A galvanized steel with coating weight 225 g/m2 combined with a PVDF paint of 35 μm thickness, results in the category RC4 in terms of corrosion resistance.
Example 5: A galvanized steel with coating weight 225 g/m2 combined with a PVDF paint of 50 μm thickness, results in the category RC5 in terms of corrosion resistance.

The corrosion resistance category in combination with the environment type of the panel’s end use, shall be chosen by the client according to the table below:

Relationship between corrosion resistance categories, corrosivity categories and types of atmosphere (EN 10169)

As presented above, the organic coating (option 1) is RC3, while the PVDF coating can be RC3, RC4 & RC5 depending on the coating thickness.

ARKHON can provide coating types for all resistance and UV categories. Contact us to learn more.

Additional types of facings of the panels

Upon request we can meet special demands for extreme or unusual environments, such as farm houses, sea salt processing factories, acidic environments etc

We can offer:

  • Stainless steel
  • Aluminum
  • Copper
  • Alupaper
  • Craft Paper
  • Embossed Alufoil
  • Agricultural Fiberglass


ARKHON Panel is not responsible about the choice made by the client regarding the zinc coating and the colour paint thickness., which shall be in accordance with the working environment of the product. It is sole responsibility of the client to understand the needs of the working environment of the panels, so as to choose the necessary specifications the coatings.

Support & Waterproofing equipment

Properly mounting our panels require a series of connecting materials that Akrhon can provide depending on your project (self-piercing bolts, washers etc).

We also provide special materials for waterproofing constructions (like butylate string, foam gaskets etc) that are subject to very humid environments.

For bolts with longer piercing ability, please contact us.

Panel thickness (mm)Bolt TypePenetration ability
306.3 x 50mm8mm
406.3 x 60mm8mm
506.3 x 70mm8mm
606.3 x 80mm8mm
806.3 x 100mm8mm
1006.3 x 120mm8mm

Arkhon Panels Energy Efficiency Data

Our panels are manufactured according to the European Standard ΕΝ 14509 (CEN/TC128/SC110).

Acoustic efficiency

Arkhon panel acoustic efficiency has been calculated with the use of specialized software. The results in the following chart are based in arkhon sky 80mm.

Sound Reduction Index (SRI)

Frequency HzSRI dB

Air Tightness

According to EN 14509 and EN 1214, the air permeability must not exceed 10m3/Ω/m2. As in all previous tests, so in the air tightness test, Arkhon panels surpass these limits.

Water Sealing

The basic compliance standard for sealing control in polyurethane panels is EN 12865. The model requires attaining a pressure seal 600 a under normal conditions. Laboratory tests showed that arkhon panel is watertight up to the pressure of 1070 Pa, far beyond the requirement of the system.

Fire behavior

PUR : Β2 – Β3

PIR : 100mm RE130

Environmental Care

Our company uses environmentaly friendly policies with reusable materials and we produce polyurethane without harmful materials HCFC & CFC.

Images showing how Environmentally friendly manufacturing of Arkhon Panels is
Images showing how Environmentally friendly manufacturing of Arkhon Panels is
Images showing how Environmentally friendly manufacturing of Arkhon Panels is

Packing – Storage – Handling

All arkhon panels are packed in the factory and protected to ensure they arrive on site in first class condition. The number if pieces in each pack vary from product to product because of their shapes.

In all cases however the panels are packed horizontally, with panels lying one on top of another, with additional anti damage protection to all sides and ends. The entire pack is wrapped in plastic film to keep the panels clean.

The number of panels in each pack varies depending on panel thickness, and customer requirements. Normally the maximum height of each pack is approximately 1100 – 1200mm. Each pack is labeled with the customers name and contents.

Panels are normally delivered to the site by road transport, the number of packs depending on panel and pack size. The packs are separated with polystyrene blocks, which create gaps between the packs to allow lifting straps or forklift tines to be inserted. It is the customer’s responsibility to arrange lifting equipment and labor to unload the packs.

This usually requires using a crane, with or without a lifting beam, or a forklift, depending on panel length and weight. When hoisting packs or panels into position protect the edges if necessary to avoid damage. Use flat slings and not chains for hoisting. Packs of panels up to 6 meters long can be lifted either with a forklift, or by crane with lifting straps, as shown below.

Σχεδιάγραμα δεματοποίησης και μεταφοράς των Arkhon Panel

Note: Care must be taken to ensure the forklift tines do not damage the bottom panel, and similarly when using straps, protect the edge of the panels to prevent local damage. For panels > 9.0m use of a slip-on fork spreader is recommended to distribute load across its full length to avoid panel damage and “sagging”.

Receipt of Goods

All materials arriving on site should be checked promptly against relevant advice or delivery notes to ascertain correct quantities, specifications and lack of damage. Any shortages or damage should be reported within 24 hours of receipt of goods on site.

Site Storage

It is often necessary to store packs of panels on site for a period before they are fixed. To ensure that the panels remain in prime condition until they are installed the following precautions should be taken.

  • Store packs off the ground and on a slope, so that should rainwater penetrate the wrapping water will drain away. Support the packs evenly with timber bearers spaced at 1.5 meters. Bearers should always be placed one directly above another
  • If packs cannot be kept in a building they should be covered with a weatherproof sheet ensuring that the sheet drains water away effectively and does not allow ponding on top of the pack. It should also allow air circulation through the stacks of panels.
  • Protective film applied during production process should be removed while installing the panel, however no later than two months from date of purchase. After short-term exposure to weather conditions the film may start to crack, making it difficult to remove.
  • Store packs in a secure area, where they will not be damaged or stolen.
  • Inspect the storage site and the packs regularly to ensure the panels remain in good condition

Panel Terms of Usage


The General Sales Terms hereby rule all the sales of products (from now on the ” Products” manufactured or sol d by t he manufacturing company or the supplier (from now ” The Seller”) to the customer owner of the related invoices (from now on ” The Customer”) and take priority on every different clause or forecast (even though not specifically disputed by THE SELLER) which is inserted in modules, offerings or other documents. The Sellers reserves the right to change Its Products – at any time and without notification – or to improve them as it sees fit or necessary.


The Customer ‘s order, that must be written using the ordering forms prepared by THE SELLER, must be considered as a proposal and it is irrevocable from The Customer for 30 (Thirty) days after it has been sent to The Seller. The order becomes binding once the Customer receives the written order confirmation from the Seller, which has approval value and it is the only document binding the two parts and ruling the contractual relationship, concerning everything not stated in the “General Sales Terms” hereby. If the order confirmation includes the supply of different type of Products and/or multiple shipping, every type and/ or shipping is to be considered autonomous in respect to the other by virtue of contract.


The delivery terms stated in the order confirmation are calculated in working days, they are not essential and they can be subject to changes; the Seller will notify the Customer those changes as soon as possible. Anyway a tolerance of 15 days is allowed. Moreover, partial deliveries are always allowed.

The Seller will not be held responsible to the Customer for delays, losses, damages, costs or expenses caused by for instance, but not limited to – industrial actions (even if business strikes), lockouts, transport blocks or suspensions, chance, fires, import prohibition s, raw material delays or lack of supply, power source limitations, raw material scarcity or absence, adaptation to law regulation, government measures, right full or not, insurrections, war or similar, natural catastrophes, embargo, and any circumstances beyond reason able control. The Seller will not be held responsible for those events not even if, when they happened, the delivery were already late in respect to the contractual terms. If the causes of the delay last beyond 30 (thirty) days, the Seller will have the option to rescind the contract without this implying the Customer’s right to be refunded for t he loss attributable directly o r not to t he delay. When t he agreed terms of delivery expire, within 15 (fifteen) calendar days from t he reception of t he Product -ready notification, the Customer will have to pick up the ordered Products, or, in case of recipient delivery, the Customer will have to request the shipping.

Once this date is expired, the Products can be stocked outdoors, and this will relieve the Seller of any responsibility for the Product contingent flaws in consequence of the exposition to the weather; any warranty for the Customer will expire and he will be charge d extra movement and stocking cost of 1% of t he Product value per stocking w eek. The sellers has also the right to ship t he Products in a port assigned to the Customer, or to stock them at the expense of the Customer, or, finally, to sell the Products that we re not picked up promptly by the Customer to third parties charging the former for possible payments or greater damage. After 8 (eight) days f rom the issuing of the read y Product notification, the invoice will be issued anyway and the payment terms will transpire. Possible evident flaws or missing Products must be reported at the delivery taking not e on the customer receipt or the warranty will expire.


The Products are provided without packaging. Possible packaging must be requested when issuing the order and they will be charged in the invoice. The choice of the packaging type – which has to be made by the Customer, according to the need of Product transport stocking and destination – and all the related responsibilities resulting from that choice are exclusively and totally the customer ‘s responsibility, with express exclusion of any Seller responsibility. The Customer is notified that using wrong or inadequate methods of shipping, transport, stocking, movement or assembly can cause condensation and oxidation phenomena and it can compromise severely – and sometimes permanently – the Product quality.

To ensure the panel and the prepainted ribbed sheet aesthetical integrity, it is essential that those surfaces during manufacturing, movement, transport and assembly are protected with a polyethylene sticky film which must be removed by the Customer before assembling the Products, anyway, within 8 (eight) days from t he Product delivery. If the Customer does not remove the film within the terms mentioned above, this can cause extreme film stickiness removal issues, and sometimes-unexpected interactions with the organic layer below, compromising the Product quality and aesthetic. The Customer asking or accepting ribbed painted sheet or panel without that protection supply, accepts the responsibility and relieves the Seller for any kind of damage.

If the above-mentioned expedient will not be adopted, the possible protest for affirmed sticky film anomalies and/or consequences directly and/or indirectly imputable to the already-mentioned film will not be accepted by the Seller.


The customer accepts the tolerances noted on the catalogue and/or on the Seller technical sheets (last edition).


The Seller guarantees to the Customer the Product compliance to the specifications found in the catalogues and/or in the Setter technical sheets (last version), and also the flawlessness of materials and Product manufacturing, within the tolerances and within the technical specification given by the Customer. The warranty stated above lasts 12 (twelve) months after the Product delivery date. Possible protests concerning evident flaws in the Product or shortage must be enrolled (through notified registered mail or early faxed telegram) by the Customer to the Seller within 3 (three) days from the Product delivery. Possible hidden flaws not revealed at the delivery must be reported by the CustPanel thickness (mm)mer- in the same ways for the evident flaws – within and not after the expiring one year warranty date and, at penalty of forfeiture, within 8 (eight) days from the discovery or from the moment they should have been discovered using ordinary care. The protests must be detailed to allow the Seller a prompt and complete check. The Products subject to protest must be at Customer disposal exactly how they have been delivered, respecting the movimentation, handling and stocking legislation hereby and possible particular instruction provided by the Seller. It is understood that, in any case, the following cases cannot be considered Product flaws: Oil the presence of possible cunning imperfection with less than 1,5 mm protrusion in relation to the metal support plane.

Oil the presence – when manufactured with overlapping to allow the element lengthwise overlapping – of expanded material residual on the metal surface after the automatic removal of the insulation (the removal from the naked metal must be completed on the working site during the building and it will be charged to the Customer) Condition alto the above provisions fulfillment, in case of prompt flaws complaint by the Customer and Acknowledgement of those flaws by the Seller, the latter will proceed according to the necessary steps and by its own undisputable choice to freely repair and/or substitute the Products Ex Works (EXW), or to refund the Customer a sum co responding to the difference between the ordered Product price and the product price degraded by the flaws (being understood that, In any case, the sum refunded by the Seller to the Customer according to hereby paragraph (ii) can never exceed the flawed product original price). The repaired or substituted product warranty according to the hereby paragraph will expire at the original intended date set by the original Customer purchase. Whereas complaints issued by the Customer concerning flawed Products should reveal themselves false, the Seller will charge the Customer all the costs sustained by the former for reviews, inspections, and possible surveys (also made by third parties).

The warranty mentioned above is the warranty offered by the Seller to the Customer in relation with the Product sales, it will have validity and it will not be interrupted or extended in any case. No other type of warranty and/or refunding, whether convention al or legal can be requested by the Customer to the Seller. In particular every responsibility of the Seller for direct, in direct, accidental or consequential damages which the Customer may experience from the Product defectiveness and/ or non-conformity (as for delays in the delivery) is excluded. The right of refund of these damages, limited by law, is to be considered renounced by the Customer. The Customer’s right to terminate the contract based on possible Product flaws is excluded. In case of separate deliveries, possible protests, even if promptly made, related to some of the products delivered do not relieve the Seller from the obligation to recall the remaining Products ordered. In dispensation of what is stated above, no warranty is issued by the Seller for metal layer Products without organic covering, except for the warranty of Product correspondence to the regulation in force; the Seller is then relieved from any responsibility related to the possible (and likely] oxidation phenomena occurring on those Products .

Likewise, no warranty is issued relating to used or secondhand Products, or to Products purchased with the “seen and liked “system, made of available material (whether it is first choice, second choice or junk material) by the Seller’s factory and sold at lowered prices. The warranty described in paragraph 6 automatically expires (and any Product warranty expires as well) in case of:(i) use and/or placement of Products declared flawed by the Customer after the notification expiring date or flaw onset, whichever happens first; (ii) use of Products not according to the related “performance” features; (iii) use, stocking, maintenance, movement or assembly of Products not according to the “movement. (iv) Installation with systems or accessories not according to the Seller technical sheets (last edition) or with accessories (for instance: fixing systems, tampons, ribs fixer, ridges, flashings, etc. which are not provided and/or explicitly approved by the Seller ;(v ) Product s on which intervention of any kind has been made by third parties other than the Seller.

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