• Frigo Panel

    Frigo Panel

    The solution for Industrial refrigeration is arkhon Frigo panels. Our specially designed geometry system joint and the diversity in thicknesses from 20mm up to 200mm offer the best performance in each use. Arkhon Frigo panels provide reliable insulation conditions from +60oC-50oC.

  • Horizon Panel

    Horizon Panel

    Thermally insulating polyurethane panels, with hidden joints and ability to be mounted both vertically and horizontally. Smart hidden joints with double locks, ensure continuous watertight surfaces with unique thermal and sound insulation.

  • Sky Panel

    Sky Panel

    Arkhon's thermally insulating polyurethane panel, Sky, is the best solution for cost effective constructions with spectacular aesthetics.

  • Purlings


    High strengh zinc-coated steel Z & C purlins. The most important part for an efficient, lightweight and secure construction.

  • Roman Tiles

    Roman Tiles

    The constant R&D of Arkhon, has evolved roman tiles to bring your building's eco friendliness to the next level, without sacrificing aesthetics.



Climate Change

The best form of energy is conserved energy Fortify your new building using the best insulating material.

  • Conserve energy
  • Save money
  • Save space
  • Protect the environment
  • Need for less heat and refrigeration
  • Reduce of carbon dioxide emission, treatment for the greenhouse effect

The enhancement of the building energy performance is a critical issue for reducing the anthropogenic carbon dioxide emissions which are widely considered to be the main reason of the climate change and the rise of the sea level. The climate change is the greatest environmental challenge for the humanity ever. Almost the 40% of the total energy consumption for the countries of OECD (Organization of Economic Co-operation and Development) comes from buildings. However, huge improvement can be made for the building energy performance if we ensure that the highest level of insulation is obtained by implementing insulating PIR/PUR products. The minimum permeability in heat is nowadays achieved by polyurethane that has the lowest λ factor. A shield can protect your new or existing building and reduce the energy loss. The PIR/PUR industry offers products for housing of low energy requirements either for residence or for industry, assisting in this way the efforts for saving energy and mineral fuels. The PIR/PUR industry takes a hand in reducing carbon dioxide emissions by providing products that improve substantially the energy performance which is an important fact for the fight against the climate change.

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